July 1st, 2008 - Become a Douchebag or get a ticket.

If you aren’t already a douchebag wearing a douchetooth headset…better save up some dough.  You are either going to have to succumb to buying and then wearing the badge of a douche…or pay fines for talking on the celly.

According to Washington State Law:

“Regulating cell phone use while driving (ESSB 5037): Any driver who holds a wireless communications device, like a cell phone, to his ear while driving is guilty of a traffic infraction.
You do not violate this law if you are driving an emergency vehicle or tow truck; if you are talking in hands-free mode; or if you are using the cell phone to report illegal activity or emergencies. The law also does not apply to a person using a hearing aid and does not restrict operation of an amateur radio station.
These infractions do not become part of your driver’s record and they are not given to insurance companies or to employers.
This law is a secondary enforcement law, which means that you may only be given a ticket if you have been pulled over for another traffic violation.
The law takes effect on July 1, 2008.”

Aint this a bitch.  I might just have to go out and get a pink polo shirt to put on and pop the collar everytime I get in my car.



Back in the saddle.

This is something that I just had to post…I have been giggling for the last 10 minutes.

Rusty Kuntz



BigDog vs. BigDog

I saw this video below the other day on the youtube.  It is a pretty kickass robot, but it is crazy what it looks like and the sound it makes and everything involved.

I then saw this video.  And proceeded to laugh harder than I had laughed in a very long time.




Best. Animated. GIF. Ever.

Midget? Wrestling? Face Sliding?



United Breakers Association, Inc

Apparently, I am a card carrying member of the UBA. Either I have signed up for…or been signed up for entrance into the USA-2 branch of the Association.

All the names on that list are legit, those are all my peeps.

I actually came up under the “Crews of the World” menu section…which is pretty sweet.  I am in a crew.  I always thought my crew was called “4 on the Floor”…but I guess we have a different name on this site.

I was doing a google search of my name, in all the various forms…to make sure I don’t show up anywhere…cause I am on this whole web anonymous/rebellion kick right now. I would like to be the LEAST exposed person on the internet, but still have the ability to blog and have a personal site with 1000’s of pictures/video. And there it was…my old email referencing my web site…in all it’s glory…on a Breakdancing web page.

I would say that I am represented on the internet in a way that I absolutely will condone. If I am to be associated with anything…my hopes have always been that it would be within some kind of breakdancing forum. No wonder I keep getting all this spam for parachute pants and bandanna’s.



Good movie list.

I saw the movie Juno and really liked it.
I love when movies have really great soundtracks, which it did.

My favorite movies/soundtracks:

The Royal Tenenbaums
Garden State
Singles (You know you loved it too)
La Bamba (When I was a kid…I seriously loved this)
Top Gun

Comment with your favs.


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Weekly Injury Report

I am late on this post, but this will be my weekly injury report from my new soccer league.

Things that hurt:
- Neck
- Back
- Lungs
- Ankle
- Pride

I have never been so winded in my life.  I got my goal scoring on early into the game…as my legs became jello after the first few minutes I was unable to kick.  Resorted to standing and screaming “MAN ON” to the rest of the team for the next 40 minutes.

Next game is tomorrow night.



Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Medford

A solid 11 years after playing my last soccer game.  I have a soccer game tomorrow night.

For reals…I am not kidding.  My wife still thinks this is some kind of joke/prank I am playing with her…but I am serious…I joined an indoor soccer league.

Injury report to follow tomorrow night’s game.  Stay tuned.


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Web 3.0!

I got the comments working again.  Socialize suckaz.


P.S. Also working on getting a new theme.

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It’s a green revolution

Every now and again, I hit up my local Target for some salt in a bag with a bit of popcorn.  Seriously, it is so salty, but it is so good.

That is besides the point, the point is this:

Every single advertisement and company and article and bio-diesel Hummer driving idiot talks about being “green” and it’s all about the environment.  Companies are all about this too.  Apparently Target is waging a war on trees on this planet in the form of foot-long receipts for no goddamn reason.  It is not only Target that does this, I have noticed that receipts are becoming longer and longer and longer for no apparent reason.  Nowadays, why they hell do we need a receipt?  My online banking takes care of all that for me.

I bought a $1.41 bag of popcorn.  That was it.  I wasn’t asked if I “wanted” the receipt…which I would’ve said “no” to…I was just handed this gigantic strip of paper.

My ask:  Before killing an old growth so that I can have a hard copy of what my bag of popcorn cost..ask me, let me make the choice.

Actual Size:





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